The recordings for Jamie Lidell‘s forthcoming third album, Compass, started down in Los Angeles while he was working with Beck on the artist’s Record Club project (essentially a group of musicians coming together for an impromptu covering of classic albums). After things began to take off in Beck’s home studio, Lidell moved the sessions all around between studios in LA, New York, and Canada, making time to catch contributions from Feist, Beck, and members of Grizzly Bear and Wilco. The album is said to be beyond eclectic, with large elements of funk, the ever-present focus on vocal power, and the soul of its mastermind, Mr. Lidell. On his upcoming album, Jamie said, “I wrote every song in a month. It’s been an emotional couple of years, so I tapped into what I wanted to say and started writing. There was a lot to draw on.” Compass will be released May 18 via Warp, with a tour featuring a full band to follow.