Two masterminds of our era’s most eccentric, forward-thinking indie groups, Xiu Xiu and Shearwater, have come together on a new project of unprecedentedly strange pop music. Jamie Stewart (pictured above) and Jonathan Meiburg are Blue Water White Death, “a pair of reclusive eccentrics making music in a derelict mansion, perilously balancing beauty and horror with the absurd,” (says their press info). The duo’s debut self-titled album was written and recorded in a week (!) with producer John Congleton, who has worked in the past with Modest Mouse, St. Vincent, and Black Mountain, and features such wonderful song titles as “The End of Sex” and “Song for the Greater Jihad.” Blue Water White Death will be released October 12 via Graveface. Check out the tracklist and artwork, below.

1. This is the Scrunchyface of My Dreams
2. Song for the Greater Jihad
3. Grunt Tube
4. Nerd Future
5. The End of Sex
6. Death for Christmas
7. Gall
8. Rendering the Juggalos