Coinciding with the release of 21 Again—an anniversary collection from leading German experimental duo Mouse on Mars—groupmember Jan St. Werner has shared details of a forthcoming solo effort for Thrill Jockey. Reportedly conceived over a period of four years, Miscontinuum Album is the third entry into St. Werner’s conceptual Fiepblatter series, and was originally created for a live opera performance in Munich; Markus Popp of Oval, who also works with St. Werner as Microstoria, composed the libretti. (Other artists featured on the record include Dylan Carlson of doom unit Earth, Kathy Alberici of psychedelic juggernaut Drum Eyes, and Taigen Kawabe of Bo Ningen.) According to a press release, “The surreal plot involves a progressive distinction of time as a force rather than a structuring system, and an individual who can shift consciously between states within that force.”

St. Werner’s Miscontinuum Album will see an official release on January 27, with a revised version of the work to be performed at St Luke’s Church in London on February 8, 2015. Until then, the LP’s tracklist can be found below, and further details of Mouse on Mars’ 21 Again compilation are available here. (via Resident Advisor)

01. Intro
02. Cervo
03. Scene 1
04. Repedron
05. Demonos
06. Scene 2
07. Molono
08. Scene 3
09. Schwazade
10. Outtro
11. Amazonas