Jana Rush will follow up 2021’s Painful Enlightenment with a new mini-album called Dark Humor on Planet Mu.

This seven-track release continues where the Chicago artist left off, opening with a nine-minute remix of last year’s groundbreaking “Suicidal Ideation,” subtitled “Aural Hallucinations.” Rush also returns to “Break It,” remixing the classic footwork track from her debut album, Pariah, on Objects Limited, giving it a more laidback, half-time feel.

The remaining tracks are all new compositions with Rush concentrating on a more manic, dancefloor-focused style with punchy, panicked vocals, hip-hop beats and humorous, self-effacing samples.

Alongside the release, Rush has shared the jazz-infused “Lonely,” made with DJ Paypal, which comes with a video, streaming below.


01. Suicidal Ideation (Aural Hallucinations Mix)
02. Don’t Want No Dick
03. Break It (Remix)
04. Lonely (ft. DJ Paypal)
05. Unk
06. Clown
07. Make Bitches Cum

Dark Humor LP is scheduled for March 25 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “Lonely” featuring DJ Paypal in full below.