Sound design artist Shuta Hasunuma has announced a new EP, Oa.

Scheduled to release on September 27 with Brooklyn, NY label Northern Spy Records, the EP is a sonic transmission of Manhattan, NY’s environments experienced through the lens of Hasunuma’s creative perspective. It was recorded in 2017 when Hasunuma relocated from Tokyo to the Upper East Side of New York. Two years would pass before Hasunuma would mix and master the recordings, building on a monolith of work completed over the last decade that includes album releases, film scores, music contained with book publishings, installation/exhibition sounds, and more.

Album title Oa stands for “Old Address,” which has two meanings: one is that of Hasunuma’s old address in Upper East Side of New York. The song title “454” refers to his apartment number, “BORO” is the “Queensboro Bridge” visible from his room, “LEX” is the nearby Lexington Avenue subway station, and “20150716” is the date of recording. “After that, I moved to Brooklyn. My production environment changed, and the works I recorded also changed,” Hasunuma explains.

The other meaning of Oa considers the history of Manhattan, where the production took place. “I produced the sounds while imagining the Manhattan of old. I considered the meaning of ‘address’ from a different perspective,” Hasunuma adds. “Through music, I tried to capture the meaning of ‘address’ on a grand timeline.”

We’re told that the sound is to be “one of a melancholy nature.”


01. 454
02. BORO
03. LEX
04. 20170716

Oa will be available worldwide across digital platforms September 27 and has been pressed as a limited edition cassette. Pre-order options for both formats are HERE. Stream the new single “454” below.