Tokyo-based electronic artist Fellsius will release an EP with Dome of Doom Records next month.

With multiple tracks released on Japanese label Trekkie Traxx, as well as official remixes for Fool’s Gold Records and a smattering of singles with Gold Digger Records, Fellsius has established himself as a creative force in Tokyo. Mesa is his first release on Dome of Doom, and it comes after he was introduced to the label founder, Wylie Cable, by Daedelus.

We’re told that the works across Mesa showcase multiple schools of sound, pulling together sources from both heavily experimental and unexpectedly mainstream influences.

From a very young age, Fellsius’ father introduced him to foundational electronic artists like Daft Punk, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, and Underworld. But in junior high school, Fellsius left electronic music behind in favour of Japanese rock bands like Radwimps, and he began to teach himself to play piano and other instruments.

In high school, though, Fellsius found a new obsession with the internet and computers, discovering mainstream influences like Skrillex. Ultimately, he started composing with Ableton because of how much Skrillex influenced him at that crucial point in his creative journey. Nowadays, all these experiences merge and branch through Fellsius’ music, and “you can hear the wide range of musical styles” across the Mesa EP, we’re told, in its “fervent genre defiance and expansive musicality.”


01. L
02. The Drum
03. Show
04. Bon
05. Sprouting

Mesa EP is scheduled for February 4 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “The Drum” in full below and pre-order here.