Following suit with the follow-up to their self-titled debut album, LA’s HEALTH will release a second group of remixes of songs from its sophomore record, Get Color. The release is appropriately titled DISCO2, and features 12 tracks: 11 remixes by the likes of Javelin, Blondes, Gold Panda, Tobacco, Crystal Castles, CFCF, Salem, and Pictureplane, and one brand-new song from HEALTH, called “USA Boys.” You can check out Javelin’s remix of “In Heat” over here, and cop the whole deal when Lovepump United releases the album June 22. DISCO2‘s artwork and tracklist are below.

1. USA Boys
2. Before Tigers (CFCF RMX)
3. In Heat (Javelin RMX)
4. Die Slow (Tobacco RMX)
5. Severin (Small Black RMX)
6. Before Tigers (Gold Panda RMX)
7. Eat Flesh (Crystal Castles RMX)
8. In Violet (Salem RMX)
9. Nice Girls (Blondes RMX)
10. Die Slow (Pictureplane RMX)
11. Nice Girls (Little Loud RMX)
12. Before Tigers (Blindoldfreak RMX)