Frankfurt am Main in Germany is the financial center of Deutchland–not necessarily a place you’d equate with hot parties and deep, soulful jazz. But the folks at the INFRAcom! label have carved out their own distinctly groovy niche, comparable to the jazz club triumphs of imprints like Berlin’s Sonar Kollektiv, or Munich’s Compost.

Founded by soundsystem DJ partners Name Leonhard-Vaughn and Jan Hagenkötter in 1992, INFRACom! has released over 100 records from artists, including Cleveland Watkiss, Kosma, Marschmellows, Meitz, Motorcitysoul, Soulpatrol, and [re :jazz]. The label celebrates its success with the grand JazzNotJazz festival, November 30 through December 1 in Frankfurt am Main.

Visitors can expect high class live performances from Alice Russell, [re :jazz] (pictured above), Italy’s swinging Nicola Conte Jazz Combo, Far Out Recordings Brazilian act Zeep, with visuals by Markus Bader, plus Jazzanova, Jan Hagenkoetter, and Michael Ruetten on the wheels of steel. Two films, MPS: Jazzin The Black Forest and Broken Vibes by Artur Borgnis from Paris will be screened.

In a press statement the label founders explained: “For 15 years we’ve been releasing music, having fun, celebrating parties and trying to make the world a better place–if only for three minutes–with a soulful tune.”