Jeff Mills has revealed details for a new album, which will arrive via his own Axis label in the fall. The forthcoming Emerging Crystal Universe constitutes the eighth chapter in the seminal techno artist’s sci-fi inspired Sleeper Wakes series, following from last year’s preceding installment, The Jungle Planet. According to Resident Advisor, this latest effort finds Mills—as the “last surviving human”—exploring a “Parallel Universe.”

While no official release date has been disclosed as of yet, clips for Emerging Crystal Universe are available to preview courtesy of FIT Detroit here, and we’ve included the LP’s artwork and tracklist below.

01. Entering (The Crystal Universe)
02. Phantom Stars
03. Stellar Black Connector
04. Crossing The Inner Threshold
05. Common Space
06. The Advent
07. Hexagons, Chants And Lights
08. Mass Elliptical Orbits
09. Reversing The Cosmic Theory