Jeff Mills will celebrate the 50th anniversary of the 1969 moon landing with his new album, Moon—The Area Of Influence, out July 19 via Axis Records.

The 13-track outing reflects Mills’ “interpretations of earth’s moon and its profound effects on us and the planet,” and see him manipulating his futuristic sci-fi beats to act as a sort of enchiridion for the lunar rock. 

Mills hints at this through the artwork by not including the moon so the focus can be solely on the influence it wields. The tracks are also named after the astral stone’s ramifications, what it means, and how it has shaped our world. “Control, Sattva and Rama” includes a vocal from a NASA control room.

The release follows the revival of Mills’ Purpose Maker label earlier this month. The techno icon also put out the Str Mrkd EP through Axis Records in January. Mills’ last full-length, an OST for Tatsushi Omori’s “Then There Was Light,” landed in 2018. 

To coincide with this release, Mills will be doing a 60-minute show of the album on July 20 presented on the Axis Records website by stream at 16:17 US Eastern Time, 22:17 in Central European time.

Moon—The Area of Influence LP will be released July 19 on a two-vinyl set and digital album, with a trailer streaming below. 


01. Control, Sattva and Rama (7’03”)

02. Stabilising The Spin (5’04”)

03. The Tides (4’25”)

04. Sleep-Wake Cycles (8’32”)

05. Erratic Human Behavior (4’45”)

06. Lunar Power (5’20”)

07. Electromagnetic (5’35”)

08. Decoding The Lunar Sunrise (5’06”)

09 Peaks Of Eternal Light (3’27”)

10. Measuring The Doppler Shift (4’16”)

11. Theia (4’45”)

12. 180-Degree Repositioning Phase (4’19”)

13. Absolute (6’06”)