Jeff Mills will release a double EP with his Spiral Deluxe band in September, titled Voodoo Magic.

Spiral Deluxe is a collaboration and electronic jazz quartet, described as “the meeting of minds of four musicians from different styles and background that dedicate themselves to searching harmonic divine.” It features Mills on drums, Kenji “Jino” Hino on bass, Yumiko Ohno from Buffalo Daughter on Moog synth, and Underground Resistance associate Gerald Mitchell (a member of Timeline, Galaxy 2 Galaxy and more) on keyboards. 

Formed in 2014, the band came together as a project and vision of Jeff Mills, who had the idea to create a “supergroup. Mills began the search to find this unique mixture of musicians that not only could adapt to new ways of playing but each could contribute their vast amount of insight and knowledge. Together, they’ve since played live shows around Europe and Japan as well as releasing two EPs. 

Voodoo Magic is the quartet’s most substantial release yet. It is the result of a two-day recording session at the famous Studio Ferber in Paris. Most tracks were recorded in one-take recordings to “capture the moment.” It also features a remix from fellow Detroiter Terrence Parker. 

As with most of Mills’s music, Voodoo Magic will come out via his own Axis Records label. 


A1. E=MC²

B1 Voodoo Magic

B2 The Paris Roulette

C1 Let It Go (original mix)

D1 Let It Go (Terrence Parker mix)

Voodoo Magic LP will land on September 7 via Axis Records, with a teaser streaming below—or here for EU readers due to temporary GDPR restrictions.