Earlier this year, Detroit techno pioneer Jeff MillsrevealedMan from Tomorrow, a 45-minute quasi-documentary directed by French filmmaker Jacqueline Caux and starring and soundtracked by Mills himself. Now, the film and its soundtrack—consisting of 16 original productions—have been given an official release date.

Throughout 2014, Man from Tomorrow—which was said to “extend the boundaries of the traditional filmic portrait through a non-narrative approach, combining aesthetically unconventional images and Mills’ unreleased original music for the soundtrack”—made its way around the globe with screenings in Paris, London, Berlin, Milan, Tokyo and New York. Following its slew of international screenings, the film will see a release as a DVD+CD package later this month via Mills’ own Axis imprint.

At this point it is unclear if there are plans to release the soundtrack entirely on its own (either as a standalone CD or perhaps digitally), but in the meantime, ahead of Man from Tomorrow‘s DVD+CD release on November 24, the poster for the film and the complete tracklist for its soundtrack have been included below.

1. The Occurrence
2. Multi-Dimensional Freedom
3. The Event Horizon
4. Gravity Drive
5. Star Marked
6. Us And Them
7. Sirius
8. The Man Who Wanted Stars
9. The Source Directive
10. Actual
11. The Watchers Of People
12. Searching
13. The Warning
14. Light-like Illusions
15. Star People
16. Utopia