Clothing and music meet once again, but this time in an unlikely destination. Jeff Mills and his longtime partner Yoko Uozumi have culled from the many fashions seen on their world travels and opened a high-end boutique in Chicago called the Gamma Player Shop.

You can buy anything from haute couture to blazers here, from European brands like Gilles Rosier (Paris), Firma (Berlin), and Bils (Turkey), and each season the clothing will change to reflect moving trends in fashion from those parts of the world. This season’s theme is titled The Universe By Night, and clothing will reflect the contrasting qualities of light and dark. There’s a reason the theme sounds more like the title of an album than a clothing trend: An accompanying compilation of the same name is available exclusively at the store, and features material from Mills previously unreleased in the U.S. See, even non-fashion enthusiasts have a reason to visit.

The Gamma Player Shop opens Thursday, March 15.

The Universe By Night Tracklisting
1. 14 Dreams
2. Gamma Player
3. The March
4. The Art of Barrier Breaking
5. Now Is The Time
6. The Nomads of Niger
7. Time Machine 3
8. Place De La Bastille
9. Gata
10. Moody
11. Dr. Ice
12. Man From Tomorrow
13. Micro Terra
14. Healing Channel
15. Time Machine 7
16. Sleeping Giant