Jeff Mills Photo Shooting

Jeff Mills and NTS Radio have announced a new six-part series titled The Outer Limits.

The Outer Limits, a “conceptual listening experience created in collaboration with NASA and Axis Records,” looks to redefine radio with six hour-long episodes exploring astrophysics and science fiction through abstract soundscapes and spoken word, with completely new and unreleased music by Jeff Mills and guest musicians from the fields of classical, jazz, and electronic music. Alongside the music, the series will feature theatrical science fiction narratives that will explore themes such as interstellar travel, theories of time, the mysteries of deep space, and the uncharted alien depths of the Earth’s oceans.

The first episode will be broadcast live on NTS Radio this Wednesday, January 17 at 2 p.m. GMT, with each episode also archived for on-demand streaming immediately after broadcast on the series’ website.