Eleven years ago, Jeff Mills delivered Exhibitionist, a combined mix CD and DVD release that featured the Detroit techno figurehead mixing across three decks. The package was widely regarded as a benchmark of technical skill and on-point selection, and now, Mills has announced a second Exhibitionist package, which will see release in September on his own Axis label. In an interview with FACT earlier this year, Mills is quoted as saying, “It’s going to be very interesting. It still falls in the same line as the first Exhibitionist—it’s an observation about the art form of DJing, but it’s from a different perspective. We cover the art form in a very comprehensive way in the second one, so this probably will be the last one, but it really explains a lot about the mindset and the concepts and the procedure of how a DJ does what he does.”

Ahead of the release of the Exhibitionist 2 CD and DVD package, Mills will deliver a four-track 12″ titled Exhibitionist 2-Part 1 on June 15 through Axis. Clips can be previewed here via FIT Distribution, and the EP’s artwork and tracklist are on view below. (via Resident Advisor)

01. Signals To Atomic One
02. A-B
03. Spiralism
04. Optic