Jeff Mills‘ has confirmed details of his upcoming Lost In Space EP.

The five-track release is the first material from Mills’ electronic-classical project, Lost In Space, which is a collaboration with Orchestre National Du Capitole De Toulouse. It is not the first time the Detroit artist has used space as the basis for his work: he recently released Planets, a nine-track “electronic/classical” LP “about the nine planets of our Solar System.”

Mills created Lost In Space “with the future of mankind’s advances in space travel and colonizing other planets in mind,” according to his record label, Axis Records.

Following the 12-inch, Mills will release a Lost In Space album at some point in 2018 and perform live alongside the orchestra on April 5 and 7 in Toulouse.


A1. Reflectivity
A2. Planets X
B1. Exploding Stars
B2. Gliese 436B
B3. Carbon 14 Plus

Lost In Space EP is scheduled for out on October 13 vinyl release via Axis Records.

Meanwhile, a trailer is streaming above.