Jeff Mills has released a soundtrack album titled And Then There Was Light.

Haunting, aggressive, and serene, the soundtrack essentially acts as an additional character in the Japanese film of the same name—directed by Tatsushi Omori and based on the novel Hikari by Shion Miura—which weaves a tale of love, jealousy, and revenge. During the creative process, Mills tried not to relate to any of characters in the film, which helped him keep a distance in terms of the usage of the chord structure and important note configurations, ensuring every sound element has its purpose.

Parts of And Then There Was Light came out digitally last year but the CD, released on Mills’ Axis Records, contains additional music and 16 tracks in total.

You can pick up And Then There Was Light here, with a video clip streaming in full via the player above.

Artwork by Plástica.


01. A Secret Sense (2:58)
02. Islands From The Lost Sea (3:26)
03. Raindrops Of Truth (3:38)
04. Parallelism In Fate (3:20)
05. The Revenge Of Being In Lust (4:29)
06. The Bond Of Death (4:06)
07. The Trail Of Secrets (2:52)
08. Consequences (3:04)
09. Danger From Abroad (2:59)
10. The Little Ones (2:55)
11. Landscapes (2:56)
12. Trigger Happy Level (0:14)
13. The Players Of Consequence (0:22)
14. Lost Winners (4:06)
15. The Hypnotist (Hikari Mix) (4:28)
16. Incoming (3:22)