Jeff Mills, one of the founding fathers of techno, is set to compose three new tracks inspired by illustrious Dutch painter Rembrandt. The 1632 oeuvre Philosopher In Meditationwill serve as the main inspiration behind the project.

“The surroundings where artistic creations are made can be as important as the narrative of the art itself. Atmosphere can often have direct impact on how the message is being conveyed. These sacred places are often kept in modest conditions, revealing a reflection of the artist’s true character. It is here where dreams and visions are born and come to life – where the message is officiated by the creator and the only true criticism is made before it is exposed to the world,” said Mills. “The sound scaling and field recording is nothing new, but in this case, its really unprecedented because what I’m going to achieve is a live recording using the ambience of the room. So, I’m not recording in the space, but will use the natural acoustics for the recording.”

Following his session at The Rembrandt House Museum, Mills will reflect on the experience at an ADE MusicTalks event at Flemish Cultural Centre De Brakke Grond.

This event will be part of the Amsterdam Dance Event’s 20th anniversary celebration and will mark the first time The Rembrandt House and the music conference collaborate together.

Fore more information regarding ADE, head here.