Seminal and prolific Detroit technoist Jeff Mills has shared the details of his next album, a double-LP release called The Jungle Planet. Arriving on an undisclosed date in September via Mills’ Axis label, the 13-track record is said to be the next installment of the artist’s sci-fi-inspired Sleeper Wakes series, and will, as the label told Resident Advisor, take the listener “on a journey to the planet of planets” and revolve around the story of the “last surviving human” as it “frantically searches for the residue of human dreams.” In addition to the typical vinyl release, The Jungle Planet will also be made available as a “black USB cube” for those who like their music as futuristic-looking as possible. The artwork and tracklist for Mills’ upcoming album can be found below.

01. Descending – Micro Terra
02. The World Of Worlds
03. Black Box Colony
04. Translucent Plants
05. Rainbow Clusters
06. Four Hour Days
07. When Night Fell
08. Approaching Magnesium Towers
09. Human Dream Collectors
10. Mutations
11. Truth To The Chosen One
12. Dream Mechanics
13. A Truth Revealed