Jeff Mills has revealed plans to release his original score to Fritz Lang’s 1929 sciene-fiction film Woman in the Moon as a three-CD album next month. Originally commissioned in 2011 for the Fritz Lang Film Retrospective event for Cinemathèque Français in Paris, Mills has gone on to perform the score live a handful of times over the years, with the project having made it US debut in San Francisco earlier this month. “The soundtrack I’ve created is definitely grave, structurally spatial and ubiquitous,” Mills states in a press release. “Fritz Lang’s characters are well-established and perfectly groomed people who are looking for something more, something bigger. The musical transitions range from light to dark—in order to highlight the contrast that persisted between extreme ideas that are triumphant in their objection and materialization to the economic vision of venture capitalist to the shadows of a dark underworld and organized crime.”

Mills’ Woman in the Moon score will see its official release via the longtime producer/DJ’s own Axis label on February 6, with its 32 separate compositions spread across three CDs; an official tracklist has not been shared at this time.