With this year’s Winter Music Conference about to kick off, plenty of international electronic musicians are getting ready to head Stateside. Dumb-Unit founder Jeremy P Caulfield is one of them, but the Germany-based producer will stay in the U.S. post-conference and take his neuro-minimal techno to other places while he’s here. He’ll hit major U.S. cities in March and April (as well as a couple unlikely places), and for those not living in New York, Los Angeles, or El Paso, the entire tour will be documented in detail at his blog.

Catch the mayhem in one of these cities:

03/21 New York, NY – reSOULUTE
03/26 Miami, FL – WMC
03/27 El Paso, TX – D Club
03/28 Los Angeles, CA – Emulate Warehouse Party
04/02 Washington, DC – Muse
04/04 San Francisco, CA – The Endup
04/10 Omaha, NE – TBA