Dumb-Unit label owner Jeremy P Caulfield has announced another installment in his Detached mix series, which began as a concept over 10 years ago.

For this latest mix, Caufield pulls from both his artist roster and his friends, cranking out two discs of the latest in Berlin techno, primarily of the minimal variety. Disc One is features strictly Dumb-Unit releases from the last two years and will make a solid buy for fans of the Berlin sound. On Disc Two Caulfield shows off his mixing skills, as well as his ability to convince friends they should license their music to him. The 21 tracks here, culled from various and mostly European labels, keep a foot in the minimal realm but manage to showcase some heavier dancefloor number by the end.

Check out the originalDetached mix from 1996 here for a little compare/contrast fun before the new compilation’s release.

Detached Works is out February 26, 2007 on Dumb-Unit.

Jeremy P Caulfield, Sweetn’ Candy, and Butane.

Disc 1
1. Sweetn’ Cnady “Bash the Bishop”
2. Sweet’n Candy “Unbreakable”
3. Butane “The Gimp Can’t Hunt”
4. Butane “How Low Can You Go”
5. Jeremy P Caulfield “Nude Beach”
6. Touane & Nuel “Peristalsi”
7. Bvoice & KHZ “Softgumswitches”
8. Sweet’n Candy “Unbreakable (Exercise One Remix)”
9. Alejandro Vivanco “Fugaz”

Disc 2
1. Butane “The Girl Is Bored” (Catenaccio)
2. Osvaldo “Stella Called” (Underline)
3. Jorge Savoretti “150 Reasons To Bite You (Ryan Crosson Remix)” (Esperanza)
4. Osvaldo “Valeria No More Vampire” (Underline)
5. Seuil “Uneasy Circle” (Einmaleins)
6. Italoboyz “Programmer Feat. James What” (Treibstoff)
7. Barem “Cilindro” (Foundsound)
8. Seph “Void” (UnFoundsound)
9.Barem “Looks” (Pariter)
10. Seth Troxler “Love Bezerker (Ryan Crosson Remix)” (Berreta Grey)
11. Lee Curtiss “Three Fingers” (Dumb-Unit)
12. Uli Kunkel “Drug Pigs” (Kalamari)
13. Matt Star “Rocket” (Weave)
14.Kai Maan and Neal White “Deli 1430” (Eintakt)
15. Geoph Serge “Stormwatcher” (Dumb-Unit)
16. Franco Cinelli “Emobskada (Gurtz Remix)” (Alphahouse)
17. Shonky “Solar” (Sub-Static)
18. Lee Curtiss “Your Mind Is MIne” (Ironbox)
19. Axel Bartsch “Thunk” (Sportclub)
20. 3Channels “Joigzm (Lineas De Nazca Monsterland Remix)” (Channels)
21. Mare & Solaris “Ten Thirteen (Disappear Here)