Body High co-heads Jerome LOL and Samo Sound Boy have revealed details of the upcoming debut LP from their collaborative DJ Dodger Stadium project. The pair’s Friend of Mine LP will see its release in July offering 10 tracks of “hypnotic techno that tell the story of a wounded soul’s search for redemption and peace.”

Providing the first taste of the record is the video for “Love Songs,” a slow-brewing club track that oozes with emotion thanks to the lonely vocal refrain which remains the focus of the production throughout its six-plus-minute run. Accompanying the downtrodden, acid-touched tune is a similarly slow-paced video, which gradually moves in from its bird’s-eye view of Los Angeles to eventually land its gaze on some particularly apt street-level signage. The full video for “Love Songs” can be watched below where the complete tracklist for DJ Dodger Stadium’s Friend of Mine LP is also included; the album is set to see a release sometime in July via Body High.

01 The Bottom Is As Low As You Can Go
02 Love Songs
03 One Who Lost
04 Memory Lane
05 Never Win
06 Trouble
07 By Your Side
08 Sit Down, Satan
09 The Dust
10 Friend Of Mine