Not long after dropping his own Hot Inside EP, Berlin-based DJ/producer Jimmy Edgar is ready to launch a new series of releases for his recently inauguratedUltramajic imprint. Edgar came up with the idea for Metaphysix with long-time creative partner Pilar Zeta, and in talking about its concept, says, “Reality is based upon thought systems, and this is the core of music and vibration. [For] each chapter of the series, we will give these ideas to the artists for them to interpret in any way they choose.” The first installment is a four-song split EP which centers around the theme of “Mentalism.” The a-side features two tracks by the elusive Aden that flirt with dub-techno textures and footwork-influenced vocal samples, while the b-side is credited to Creepy Autograph, a collection of Detroit producers who deal with a kind of jacking dancefloor funk not far from Edgar’s own work. The EP will be released in vinyl and digital forms on September 23, and can be previewed below.