We caught wind of a brand-new single on its way from Detroit-born, Berlin-based techno/electro provocateur Jimmy Edgar early last month, which also brought word of an album that Hotflush would soon release as well. Now, we have the details of that forthcoming full-length. Edgar’s third LP is called Majenta, and is said to feature 13 productions full of “futuristic sleaze” and “erotic robo-pop.” (We’d expect no less.) The new record is scheduled to drop on May 8, but before then, you can check out the artwork and tracklist, as well as a brief-yet-revealing Q&A we did with the accomplished artist, below.

1. Too Shy
2. This One’s For The Children
3. Sex Drive
4. Indigo Mechanix (3D)
5. Attempt To Make It Last
6. Let Yrself Be
7. Touch Yr Bodytime
8. Hrt Real Good
9. I Need Your Control
10. Heartkey
11. In Deep

What’s changed in the world of Jimmy Edgar since the release of XXX?

Everything. I went deep into meditation as an explorer, and discovered a shard of human potential. I got really into hypnosis and regressions, and made galactic contact with the community. Time is going much faster these days, so we have to go with the flow.

How did you link up with Hotflush to release Majenta?

Travis (Machinedrum), Praveen (of Sepalcure), Paul (Scuba), and I had dinner, and it sort of came up in conversation. It was all a surprise to everyone, but we got on well and decided, ‘Why not?’ Hotflush has been great so far. I think it’s a good match. A good relationship starts with letting me do whatever I want, and vice versa, then compromise.

What can fans expect from the new album?

Color change. Something more concise and raw. The album was finished within weeks, so it has that feel of spontaneity. A lot of the ideas are based on consciousness shift. I think I will always attempt to make sexuality, love, and deepness [a part of] what I do, but [Majenta is] a departure from what I was previously known for and I will continue on this journey this year. It’s a personal letter. I ripped myself open a bit more [in order] to relate to other people. It’s not as selfish.