It seems likely that Jimmy Edgar (pictured above, right) and Machinedrum (pictured above, left) very much enjoyed working together last year under their collaborative moniker Jets, as the two Berlin-based artists have announced plans to work together even more when they launch the co-curated label Ultramajic. In a short interview with FACT, Edgar laid out the label’s driving force, “We are focusing on club hits,” he explained, “but will expand to anything worth releasing and putting in a slickly designed package.” Edgar also spoke of forthcoming releases from the label heads themselves, along with new material from Sophie, Creepy Autograph, and others. Ultramajic’s inaugural release will come from Edgar himself, whose Hot Inside EP will drop on June 10 and will feature artwork crafted by the label’s visual parter Pilar Zeta. Down the line, the new imprint will also release things such as a “metaphysical card deck” and other odds and ends picked from Edgar’s brain. The artwork and tracklist for Hot Inside is included below, and FACT’s full interview with Edgar about the new endeavor can be read here.

01 Hot Inside
02 Strike
03 Shout