Jitwam has shared a new EP, available now on The Jazz Diaries.

Jitwam has previously released on the The Jazz Diaries, based on Manipur, India, on three occasions, the latest coming in 2018 with Purple. Enchanté, his latest work, sees him in “a new light” and sounding “more realised and definitive than ever, effortlessly blending genres into dancefloor music for all walks of life.” Jazz-funk has always been at the heart of Jitwam’s music, and with this EP we see it rise to the fore, “ushering in a new sound for him and the label,” the label adds.

The EP features two original tracks plus a remix of “Something to Say” by Anthony Nicholson.


01. enchanté
02. Something To Say
03. Something to say (Anthony Nicholson Music Box Extended mix)

Enchanté EP is available now, with clips over at Bandcamp.