Jlin will release a new album in March.

Akoma is Jlin’s first album since 2017’s Black Origami.

Across 11 tracks, she “sets a new benchmark” in her personal road map, according to Planet Mu, the label behind it.

We’re told to expect a new entry point into her sound and a new approach for both those who have been following diligently and those who are just now entering her world. It features guest appearances from Björk, Philip Glass, and Kronos Quartet, and folds classical, minimalist, and jazz influences into the 160 BPM rhythmic framework of Chicago footwork.

On Bandcamp, Jlin lists Philip Glass as one of her inspirations for the album, alongside Eartha Kitt, Nina Simone, Third Coast Percussion, and HBCU marching bands.


01.Borealis feat. Björk
02. Speed Of Darkness
03. Summon
04. Iris
05. Open Canvas
06. Challenge (To Be Continued II)
07. Eye Am
08. Auset
09. Sodalite feat. Kronos Quartet
10. Grannie’s Cherry Pie
11. The Precision of Infinity feat. Philip Glass

Akoma LP is scheduled for March 22 release. Meanwhile, you can stream “The Precision of Infinity” feat. Philip Glass in full via the player below, and pre-order here.