It’s been an intense few months for French producer/DJ Joakim. On top of interviewing with a host of music and lifestyle mags (on a global scale), his tracks have been pounding dancefloors and finding their way onto mixtapes and comps, from JDG & Dave P’s Go Commando to Kitsuné’s Compilation 2. Add to that litany the recent release of his latest album, Monsters and Silly Songs, a playful journey into the world of musical oddities.

It’s hard to believe any one man can meld together droned-out noise with disco-punk, electro, and ambience, but Joakim’s done it, even after his computer crashed and he had to re-record the album in its entirety. One might easily surmise that such persistence and inventiveness from the artist will translate effortlessly into the live setting, particularly when said artist is accompanied by a band called The Ectoplasms. We recommend buying tickets now.

Monsters and Silly Songs is out now on !K7.

4/26 Toronto, ON: The Social
4/27 New York, NY: Element
4/28 San Francisco, CA: Mezzzanine
4/29 Chicago, IL: Empty Bottle