Joe will release a new EP on Cómeme

Joe is known for his idiosyncratic, floor-filling productions for Hessle Audio, particularly for tracks like “Slope” and “Tail Lift.” He began releasing in 2009, and has been sporadic with his outings since, all the while hiding his identity with a dimly-lit press shot, few interviews, and a nigh-on dormant Facebook account. 

Get Centred is the UK artist’s first foray outside of a UK label. It sees him continuing to “surprise, delight, and ignite the dance” with a trio of tracks that are as unusual as they are elegant, and also “extremely playable,” the label explains. His last release came in 2017. 

The EP is the latest addition to a new phase in Cómeme’s label history, initiated by the Solidarity Forever series and followed by releases from Katerina, Mujaji The Rain, Gladkazuka, and also label head Matias Aguayo’s Support Alien Invasion. 

Ahead of the EP’s September 6 release, you can stream “Get Centred” below, on which Joe uses shifting arpeggios and trippy crescendos to cross the artificial barriers between body, mind, and soul. 


01. Get Centred

Side 2

01. Line To Earth

02. Rio Lea