Berlin-based party and label Leisure System have announced that their next release will come from Bristolian JoeFarr, with a four track EP scheduled for release in May.

After a year in which the label released music by the likes of Will Ward and Rob Clouth, Leisure System is back with its first new record of 2016—an EP by JoeFarr. Hailing from Bristol in the United Kingdom, JoeFarr has been putting out music since 2012, via Turbo, Power Vacuum and most recently Bloc (the record label offshoot of the British festival).

His latest effort, Spectate, sees him return to Berlin’s Leisure System, as the fifth part in the ongoing Gridlock series. The imprint describe the record as “another tactile and punishing contribution” to their catalog, built around raw techno sounds, and featuring a distorted remix by Max Cooper.

Spectate is scheduled for release on May 13, and can be pre-ordered at Bandcamp.

A1. Spectate
A2. Spectate (Max Cooper Remix)
B1. Comp Killer
B2. In Focus