Dave Lee (a.k.a. Joey Negro) will soon release Produced With Love, his first LP in over 20 years.

Lee has been an extremely influential figure in electronic music for over three decades and is a major proponent of soulful, disco-tinged, vocal records. Throughout the ’90s and ’00s right up until today, he has produced an astonishing number of records and remixes under various names and for some of the world’s biggest artists across both underground and pop music.

Rather than rely on sampling older records, the overwhelming majority of music is newly recorded—a real rarity when it comes to modern disco and indicative of the level of detail involved in the project. The album also features vocal contributions from disco and R&B originals like Melba Moore and Linda Clifford, as well as Diane Charlemagne, the UK singer who died in 2015.

“Unfortunately between starting and finishing the project the supremely talented Diane Charlemagne, the singer/songwriter who I co-wrote many songs with over last 10 years, very sadly passed away,” Lee says. “We had a great working relationship, which was both fun and honest. Most of my final collaborations with Diane, “Overnight Sensation,” “Prove That You’re Feeling Me,” and the partly re-written remake of “Must Be The Music,” are on this album.”


01. Prove That You’re Feeling Me feat. Diane Charlemagne
02. Free Bass feat. Julian Crampton
03. Won’t Let Go feat. Linda Clifford
04. Dancing Into The Stars feat. Horse Meat Disco and Angela Johnson
05. It’s More Fun To Compute
06. Must Be The Music (The Original Disco Version) feat. Diane Charlemagne
07. Stomp Your Feet
08. Anyway feat. Melba Moore
09. Distorting Space Time
10. Overnight Sensation feat. Diane Charlemagne
11. I Realise feat. Sacha Williamson

Produced With Love is scheduled for June 30 release on Z Records, with “Won’t Let Go” feat. Linda Clifford streamable in full below.