Photo:  Dirk Puchta

Johannes Albert will release his sophomore album, Lichtenberg, via Frank Music next month. 

The Renate resident is  known for his busy DJ schedule, but has released a bunch of EPs since 2010 mostly through his own labels Frank Music and Fine. His debut album, Hotel Novalis, arrived in 2013. 

We’re told that Lichtenberg has hints of EBM and new wave that cross house rhythms, seeing the Berlin producer heading down a whole different and darker path. At its centre are ancient drum machines and synthesizers, and it features renowned photographer Gundula Schulze Eldowy, who lends her voice, Iron Curtis, and Moritz Heppner (a.k.a Monosoul). 

There will also be an album release party at Renate with Albert taking over the whole club and curating the night himself, March 23. Details will come soon. 


01.  Phony Emotions

02.  Hooligan 

03.  Copper Bolt 

04.  Milieu feat. Gundula Schulze Eldowy

05.  Wing House 

06.  Built-In Acceptance feat. Iron Curtis 

07.  Chestnut Poetry 

08.  Dong Xuan 

09.  Whirring In Distance 

10.  Cell feat. Moritz Heppner

Lichtenberg LP lands March 15, with teaser below.