Horror film auteur John Carpenter will issue his debut solo album early next year. Often cited as an inspiration to a younger generation of producers, the iconic director and composer has lent his talents to such films as Halloween, Escape from New York, and Assault on Precinct 13. His forthcoming Lost Themes LP on Brooklyn label Sacred Bones reportedly draws heavily from the style of those projects, asking listeners to “visualize their own nightmares” throughout nine tracks with titles like “Wraith,” “Purgatory,” and “Night.” “The best way I can describe what we’ve done is that it’s a ‘soundtrack sampler,'” says Carpenter, who created the album with help from Cody Carpenter of the band Ludrium and Daniel Davies, who scored I, Frankenstein. “They’re little moments of score from movies made in our imaginations. Now I hope it inspires people to create films that could be scored with this music.”

In anticipation for the release of Lost Themes on February 3, Carpenter has shared both a stream and video for LP cut “Vortex.” The video was created by Jesse von Doom alongside CASH (a nonprofit that builds musician-geared free and open technology), and pairs each track with scenes from Carpenter’s many film credits (which numbered 15 at last count). A different montage is generated for each new play here, and the track itself can be streamed in full below, where we’ve also included the album’s tracklist.

1. Vortex
2. Obsidian
3. Fallen
4. Domain
5. Mystery
6. Abyss
7. Wraith
8. Purgatory
9. Night