Greek artist John Dimas is to release his debut album, One Against Time, in February 2018.

Dimas has been on the radar of those who know for nearly 10 years now. His fluid grooves, minimal intricacies, and ability to coax unusual rhythms from his deft sound designs have won him fans with heady DJs and connoisseur dancers alike. They come on labels like Taverna Tracks, Raum… Musik, and Metreze, and have been long sought after. He now runs his own label, Elephant Moon, as a place for his own work and to demonstrate his A&R skills. It’s here that he’ll release his debut album.

Time is the most precious commodity we have. Everyone wishes they had more of it and we are all racing against it—even though in reality, as far as we know, time only exists on Earth where we have the consciousness to experience it.

The cover artwork is actually an original collage I created from some of the retro sci-fi books I own. The tracks on the album all reflect my personal journey on this planet. Ups and downs, all different but still with a common theme and each piece represents a moment in my life and demonstrates all the influences I have had musically from hip hop to drum & bass and breaks and then all the way from ambient to techno. My inspiration comes from mix of NYC hip-hop from the ’90s, UK garage, ambient and trip-hop, Chicago and Detroit techno and electro, and also the minimal sounds of Berlin.

Included in some of the vinyl is a print of my original collage artwork as a gift to those who buy the record.

I will release the album digitally two months after the vinyl hits the streets and in this digital release I will include few tracks that are already on the vinyl release, plus a few new ones that will be exclusive to the digital release as bonus tracks” — John Dimas


01. In To My Mind
02. Digital Moon
03. Riko’s Trip
04. Delusions
05. Legoland
06. One Against Time
07. Stardance
08. Flying Asteroids
09. Lost & Found
10. Space Tastes Lonely
11. Dreamweaver
12. Cosmic Epiphany
13. SiKret Universe
14. Out Of My Mind

One Against Time will land early next year, with “Riko’s Trip” streaming below.