John Frusciante has shared a video for “Brand E,” taken from Maya, his forthcoming album.

Frusciante, known for his work as guitarist in Red Hot Chill Peppers, filmed the video in various areas of his hometown of Los Angeles, starring himself as the observer and Lee Bootee as the blind follower. It’s directed by AmalĂ­a Irons and is produced by Aura T-09. It features Tanya, a stand-in for Frusciante’s late cat Maya, to whom the album is dedicated.

Scheduled for October 23 release via Venetian Snare’s Timesig label, Maya is inspired by Frusciante’s favorite music, ’91 to’96 UK breakbeat hardcore and jungle.

“I tried to limit myself to a few machines per track,” Frusciante told Resident Advisor‘s Exchange podcast. “Like Suburban Base, a lot of those people had a sampler, a mixer or whatever or maybe one synth. It was a lot for someone back then to have one effects unit, one for reverb or echo. And I find I like the sound of that, when people are struggling to make the most out of a few machines.”

Read more about Maya here, and stream the video for “Brand E” below.


01. Brand E
02. Usbrup Pensul
03. Flying
04. Pleasure Explanation
05. Blind Aim
06. Reach Out
07. Amethblowl
08. Zillion
09. Anja Motherless