After a long run of solo guitar records, John Frusciante (a former member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) has made the surprising announcement that he will launch a new acid project called Trickfinger, which will release a full-length record via the Absurd label’s Acid Test imprint this spring. About five years ago, Frusciante is said to have begun experimenting with electronic hardware, “immersing himself in the unique musical language of Roland’s classic techno machines.” According to the celebrated rock musician, “I found that the languages machines forced programmers to think in had caused them to discover a new musical vocabulary,” and so he spent a number of years attempting to learn that vocabulary, which he believes has “introduced many new principles of rhythm, melody, and harmony” to music.

Along with the announcement, Frusciante has shared the stripped-down opener from his upcoming LP, “After Below”, which evokes vintage acid with a tweaked 303 standing at the forefront. The production can be streamed in full below before Trickfinger sees its release on April 6.

1. After Below
2. Before Above
3. Rainover
4. Sain
5. Exlam
6. 85h
7. 4:30
8. Phurip