Enigmatic producer John Swing is set to release a 10-track long player on his and EMG’s LiveJam Records this December.

Founded in 2009 and co-owned by EMG and John Swing, LiveJam Records is the parent label hosting a variety of the duo’s outlets, including LiveJam Limited, Warm Sounds, Relative, Experiential Learning, and many more. All of the productions on LiveJam follow a singular approach to recording live straight into tape and the analog component is clearly a distinctive character for every single one of its after releases.

John Swing’s heterogeneous set of production abilities is audible in all his ventures: whether under his house beats / broken tech moniker The Raw Interpreter on Warm Sounds, live-recorded techno project Appointment (together with EMG and The Analogue Cops), or alongside EMG as duo Vinalog on the Relative imprint.

Assorted Moods is a turning point in John Swing’s artist output, straying from his signature house and techno sound towards many of his other influences throughout the years: from jazz to dub, funk to hip-hop and of course, club music.


01.Talking Tones
02. Touch ft. Eternauta
03. Caribe
04. Healing Tones
05. Cosmic Funk ft. David Soleil-Mon
06. Hazy Jazz Vibes
07. Groove Motion
08. Freedom Of Speech
09. Jazz In The Jungle
10. Reminescents

Assorted Moods LP drops on LiveJam Records on December 5. Stream it now here.