Veteran Los Angeles-based techno producer John Tejada will return to Kompakt early next year to deliver his third full-length album for the label, Signs Under Test. Set to arrive in February, the 11-track outing is said to find Tejada delivering a collection “dreamy” techno excursions. “There’s a bit more dreamy tape wobble going on throughout,” the producer explains in a press release, “as I’ve gone quite analog tape with my delays and patches—on the verge of actually being broken, which gives them a nice character.” Furthermore, Tejada goes on to say, “Everything is built from the ground up using hardware synths—mostly analog, but that’s a bit annoying to say nowadays. It’s not a record that fits in with any current stuff, but something that hopefully holds up as it ages.”

Tejada’s Signs Under Test LP is slated to see its official release via or Cologne institution Kompakt on February 2 of next year. In the meantime, a full stream of album cut “Y 0 Why” can be heard below, where the record’s complete tracklist has also been included.

1. Two 0 One
2. Y 0 Why
3. Beacht
4. R.U.R.
5. Vaalbara
6. Cryptochrome
7. Rubric
8. Penumbra
9. Endorphins
10. Meadow
11. Heave in Sight