LA based techno producer John Tejada gets his hands a little dirty with his latest full-length effort, which also commemorates the 10-year anniversary of his Palette Recordings imprint. Though it’s as musically varied as 2005’s Back To Basics-and by that I mean Tejada possesses the ability to traverse electro, house, techno, drum and bass, and other genres effortlessly-he tailored this latest album to capture, as he says, “a feeling of a time when [he] was very excited about dance music.” So expect a a little harkening back to the 4/4 heavy tracks reminiscent of his old Multiplex and Playhouse releases between the animated synths and bubbly beats this time around.

Cleaning Sounds Is A Filthy Business is out October 26, 2006 on Palette.


1. What Happened To Manners?
2. Clever Bunch
3. Mutation
4. Folding Room
5. The End Of It All
6. The Zone
7. Science, I Think
8. Paper Jet
9. Calculated Time
10. Panorama