John Tejada will release a new album on Kompakt next month.

Having already released three albums on Kompakt since 2011, the latest being Signs Under Test in 2015, the Los Angeles-based house and techno producer will return to the Cologne-based imprint with his 13th full-length, Dead Start Program — an “11-track journey spanning a prismatic array of styles and patterns, from John’s signature soulful techno tunes to the further mazy, hypnotic motifs of his trancey electro hybrids.”

The album draws its title from the analogue startup program used to boot an old CDC 6600 computer from a dead start and comes with sleeve art courtesy of Tejada’s longtime friend Juan Mendez (a.k.a Silent Servant).


01. Autoseek
02. Detector
03. Sleep Spindle
04. Hypochondriac
05. Loss
06. The Looping Generation
07. Telemetry
08. Duty Cycle
09. All At Sea
10. Heal
11. Quipu

Dead Start Program LP will land on February 9, with opening track “Autoseek” streaming in full via the player above.