On July 7, Brooklyn-based artist Jonah Parzen-Johnson will release his latest album, I Try To Remember Where I Come From.

Parzen-Johnson’s music is created in a singular process that combines circular breathing and solo saxophone lines with the sounds of a swirling analog synthesizer that he controls with his feet—all this is performed live without any looping or sampling. Via this confounding method, Parzen-Johnson crafts transfixing sonics that meld traditional folk ideals with his own experimentation.

With the announcement of the album, Parzen-Johnson has shared a video for opening cut, “Cabin Pressure,” which was written to represent his struggle with acknowledging privilege, as he explains:

“‘Cabin Pressure’ was something I wrote to represent my daily struggle to acknowledge the role of privilege in my life. As a white man, it’s so easy for me to loose focus and fall into a pattern of self interest, but I have to hold myself responsible for the inequality that’s embedded in every part of our society and address it as well as I can. Vanessa & Adam from Slopehouse created this awesome visual representation of my daily process of focusing and refocusing over and over, as I struggle with how easily I lose sight of this ever-present reality.”

You can watch the stunning video for “Cabin Pressure” in full via the player above, with the album available for pre-order here.

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