Jonas Kopp will soon release a new album on Tresor, titled Photon Belt.

Photon Belt will be the Argentinian DJ-producer’s second album on the Berlin-based label, following on from his debut album Beyond the Hypnosis in 2014, and two EPs, namely Red Plented (2014) andHHH (2015).

According to the label, the release is “dedicated to a cosmic phenomenon our solar system experiences every 11,000 years.” The photon belt is a band of intense light energy into which our star and its planets move into for a duration of about 2,000 years.

We’re told to expect “a thoughtful and mature labor” on which Kopp’s “contemporary methods in production meet traditional techno constituents.”


A1. / 1. Electrons Splitting
A2. / 2. Projections From Alcyone
A3. / 3. Tuning Frequency
B1. / 4. Galactic Core
B2. / 5. Aile
C1. / 6. Photon Belt
C2. / 7. Into the Manasic Belt
C3. / 8. Bridge To The Stars
D1. / 9. Taygeta
D2. / 10. 5D World

Photo Belt is scheduled for May 5 release, with “Galactic Core” streamable in full below.