Brooklyn-based analog synth specialist Jonas Reinhardt has unveiled the details of his next release, a project which will take the form of a record and short film, both called Ganymede. Inspired by urban environments and a slew of experimental music movements, Reinhardt has constructed a six-track release that is said to present an “immersive sonic environment through textural, rhythmic abstraction” rendered with a “battery of synthesizers and repeating patterns.” The film itself is an experimental sci-fi narrative set on the titular Ganymede, the largest moon in our solar system. Operating on the idea that the Jupiter satellite’s volcanic vents supply the necessary power to fuel life, Ganymede is said to imagine “unknown extra-terrestrial life forms engaged in ritualistic aquatic dance beneath a sky of ice.”

Constellation Tatsu will release Jonas Reinhardt’s heady project on February 11 as an LP, DVD, and limited-edition poster by Antonia Kuo; two screening premieres of the film will also be held at Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg on Thursday, February 20 at 8 and 10pm. Before then, the video teaser, tracklist, and artwork for Ganymede can be found below.

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01 Skeptical Seventh Sun
02 Destruction of a Ghost
03 Airhouse
04 Young Colossus
05 Malevolence in Blue
06 Lox Moon