Jordan Czamanski may be best known for his joint production projects Juju & Jordash and Magic Mountain High (not to mention recent collaborations with Future Times label co-founder Max D as Zsa Gang, or under the Crotocosm moniker with Willie Burns), but his debut solo outing as Jordan GCZ set him up as a producer in his own right. In September, the Amsterdam-based artist will follow his “Crybaby J” 12″ from last year, which inaugurated his own Off Minor imprint, with a new EP for Future Times, entitled Digitalis. The three tracks on offer range from classic house tropes to “snake-charmer funk that gets washed away in outrageous keys and hovering, molten electronics” and can be previewed below, where the EP’s tracklist has also been included.

A1 Swingonoguitaro
B1 Digitalis
B2 Fusionfuk