Back in 2015, My Favorite Robot Records released the self-titled album Nuclear Winter Garden, an alias of Finnish DJ and producer Jori Hulkkonen.

The album was inspired by Hulkkonen’s night of the same name, which found him playing extended sets of jazz, folk, classical, avant-garde and indie sounds that wouldn’t fit into his usual DJ sets. The project reflects Hulkkonen’s original vision of electronic music, a futuristic mix of technology and melancholic escapism. The reissue of Nuclear Winter Garden arrives under the Jori Hulkkonen name and with a video for album cut “A New Cold War,” which uses old documentary films to project its nostalgic message, as Hulkkonen explains:

“The video for “A New Cold War” is a collage of imagery taken from various educational documentaries from the late ’40s through to the ’80s. As a kid they were the stuff of nightmares, and going through all these films while editing the video was surprisingly disturbing. As the barely audible vocoded opening lines in the song go “It never came this far, but quite close.” Now, let’s go all the way, world!”

You can watch the video in full via the player below, with the reissue available to purchase via Beatport.