Working with Rush Hour Music, Gerd Janson has compiled a collection of tracks specifically designed for your automobile. Musik for Autobahns II features tracks from Joy Orbison, Fort Romeau, Leon Vynehall, Lauer, Disco Nihilist, and more.

According to Janson, the concept behind the compilation was inspired by his numerous trips between Frankfurt and Heidelberg during his youth, traveling to and fro from one club to the next. Each artist featured on the album bring their own highway experiences and ideas of travel to the table, resulting in a blend of euphoric sound fit for any excursion or movement.

Check out the album sampler on Soundcloud and the tracklist below. Vinyl, CD and digital format will be available sometime in September.


Leon Vynehall – Midnight on Rainbow Road
Joy Orbison – A213
Fort Romeau – Seleno
Shan – Awakening
AKSK – Breaking
Conga Radio – 168 North
Orson Wells – Orbiting Jupiters
Lauer – Autofahrn
Disco Nihilist – Melancholy
Bicep – Carmine