Joy Orbison‘s entire back catalog is now available digitally, both for download and via streaming.

Much of the Hinge Finger label head’s music has only been available on vinyl, but he announced yesterday that, as of today, it’s all going to be available digitally. “In the past, I think I may have given the impression that I was somewhat wilfully obscure with the way I released my music…” he wrote via social media. “I think I’ve just focused on what I thought made most sense with the music I was making and how I engaged with the culture. Over the years, that’s actually changed a fair bit, and I’ve got a load of new music on the way so it felt like a good time to get my shit together.”

Orbison, real name Peter O’Grady, has released on Hotflush Recordings, Hessle Audio, Hinge Finger, and, most recently, Poly Kicks.