Details of the upcoming full length by Juan Atkins and Moritz von Oswald on Tresor have been revealed, with a late April release scheduled in.

The last time the illustrious pair got together for a similar collaboration was 2013’s Borderland LP, also on Tresor. This time round, the duo’s upcoming album—Transport—is being timed to coincide with the Berlin institution’s 25th anniversary celebrations.

The LP is a seven-tracker of new material, that promises to carry on in the same vein of spaced out, bass-heavy techno that they are known for together. So far, the pair have shared one track, “Riod,” which is being released as a separate EP too (which includes a second mix of the same track, not to feature on the album). Check out a review of the Riod EP here.

Transport will be available as a CD and Double LP, from April 29. You can pre-order it at Juno.


  1. Transport
  2. Odyssey
  3. Lightyears
  4. 2600
  5. Merkur
  6. Riod
  7. Zeolites