To mark the 35th anniversary of his career, Detroit techno veteran Juan Atkins will release a new album as Model 500 early next year. The forthcoming Digital Solutions LP is Atkins’ first full-length outing under the alias in 16 years, following from his 1995 and ’99 albums for R&S, Deep Space and Mind and Body. As Resident Advisor reports, live appearances of Model 500 often included collaborators Mike Banks, DJ Skurge, and Mark Taylor, but Digital Solutions will arrive as a solo effort via Atkins’ own Metroplex label in January 2015. No previews have been shared as of yet, but the album’s complete tracklist can be found below, along with a pair of new Model 500 live performance dates.

01. Encounter
02. Electric Night
03. Hi NRG
04. Standing In Tomorrow
05. Station
06. Storm
07. The Groove
08. Control
09. Digital Solutions

Jan. 24: Astropolis L’hiver 20.5: Model 500, Le Quartz, West
Mar. 12: Unsound Adelaide, Freemasons Hall, Adelaide